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School's Out Club
Online Registration Form
Don't worry about posting the form back!
You can fill in this form instead of the form on the back of the enrolment prospectus. We will confirm receipt of this form shortly.....oh the wonders of technology! We work on a first come first served basis. We will get back to you to confirm your place s soon as we can
Stay in touch
Keep us updated after sending this form to us. We are used to working with the changing needs of parents. So long as you give us 4 weeks notice, we can change your booked sessions.
What happens next?
We will receive this form and confirm when a place is available for your child.
Remember, once your child is at school we can also accommodate any school emergency closures such as snow days, teacher strike days, broken school heating etc etc. Pop our phone number in your wallet so you can get in touch quickly if you need to.