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Online Registration to Waiting List
Don't worry about posting the form back!
You can fill in this form instead of the form on the back of the enrolment prospectus. We will confirm receipt of this form shortly.....oh the wonders of technology!
Get on the waiting list
Don't worry if you don't know when you are going to need childcare from. We have people enrol on the waiting list when they are just a few weeks pregnant, sometimes as much as 2 years in advance. The sooner you register on the waiting list, the better chance you will have of getting a space when you require it!
Stay in touch
Keep us updated after sending this form to us. We are used to working with the changing needs of parents. If you extend your maternity leave, go back to work sooner, or need childcare at a different date to what you state on this form then don't panic, just let us know!
What happens next?
We will receive this form and confirm that you are on the waiting list shortly. Once the nursery is open we will invite you to visit the nursery and meet the team. We will then call you to confirm our availability and offer you your place. Please be mindful that place availability changes rapidly and any availability stated at the time of your showaround cannot be held until we receive an enrolment form. 
We will stay in touch with you during your period on the waiting list (especially if you have registered in advance of needing your place) and we will contact you regularly throughout that time for updates to your situation. You can contact us at any time too. Closer to your requested start date, we will confirm what spaces we have available. If you have any questions on this, do contact the team. We are here to help you!